Dunedin Philatelic Society
Dunedin Stamp and Postcard Club
Armistices Stamp Show 2018

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January 25th
     Buy & Sell night

February 22nd
      Wayne Bowen will display and talk on Eastern Europe and New
      Zealand stamps

March 22nd
     George Stewart NZ Federation representative

April 26th
     To be advised

May 25th
     John Watts from Auckland

June 28th
     Auction night

July 26th
     To be advised

August  23rd
     Don White - Past and Future

September 27th
     Ray Bennett from Timaru

October 25th
     Annual general meeting and Competition Night

November 9th - 11th
     The Armistice Stamp Show 2018

November 22nd
     A talk from several people on the Armistice

     No Meeting