January 25th
     Buy & Sell night

February 22nd
      Wayne Bowen will display and talk on Eastern Europe and New
      Zealand stamps
               One Page Competition Letter M

March 22nd
     George Stewart NZ Federation representative
              One Page Competition LetterN

April 26th
     Postcard Collecting
               One Page Competition Letter O

May 24th
     John Watts from Auckland
               One Page Competition Letter P

May 26th
     Dunedin Stamp Fair

June 28th
     Auction night
               One P
July 1st 
     Mid-winter dinner

July 26th
     8 Page Clarke Cup competition
               One Page Competition Letter R

August  23rd
     Don White - Past and Future

September 27th
     Ray Bennett from Timaru

October 25th
     Annual general meeting and Competition Night

November 9th - 11th
     The Armistice Stamp Show 2018

November 22nd
     Reflections on the Armistice

December 16th
     Christmas Dinner

     No meeting in December